SOLVATION helps you when optimizing existing PV sales activities as well as when reorganizing this field of business. Our integrated IT solutions have a modular setup to facilitate an ideal entry into the market of renewable energies for you. In this way, you not only provoke the exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy but benefit at the same time disproportionally highly from its success.

Whether sales, marketing, project management, system planning, bid proposal management, cost effectiveness analysis, PV financing, purchasing, employee qualification, sales management or PV insurance solutions, we accompany you at your request across the entire process chain and provide you with tried and tested solutions from practice for practice.

Together with our partners, we support you in implementing your PV activities.

SOLVATION comprises the following modules:

    With this module, you put yourself, your affiliates or even your end customers in a position to find out the existing PV potential on buildings incl. a cost effectiveness analysis at merely a few clicks on the Internet. The relevant data flow to you at a to-date unique speed and accuracy.

  • PV Planning Tool
    Plan entire PV systems in merely a few minutes. From the face plan over the power inverter layout down to string planning and parts list, all documents are provided at the press of a button. Our Planning Tool saves you 80% of the otherwise necessary planning/sales costs and is as easy as pie to operate even for PV beginners.

  • PV Sales Tool
    On the basis of the automated bid proposal management tool, you can also obtain a professional cost effectiveness analysis at the press of a button (furnish sample documents). It is very easy for you to adapt this to individual situations. Furthermore, you can create clearly arranged sales reports using the lean CRM Tool that are of enormous help when managing and following up on your sales activities.

  • Web-Service
    Global corporations are already using the SOLVATION Web Service and are benefiting from our established know-how in the field of renewable energies. The core of the calculations integrated in it, the heart of the SOLVATION software, works very precisely and will very soon turn into an indispensable part of your marketing and sales activities. The SOLVATION Web Service can be easily implemented in your website and the consequent adaption to your CI places the spotlight on your company or your website perfectly.

It goes without saying that it would be our pleasure to help you modernize your market appearance at your request.