Invest in solar power systems

Are you in search of a safe and profitable way of investing your capital, which you can also redeploy as required? Then we are your professional partner, for good money can be earned from the sun. What matters, however, is the quality of planning and building the solar power system.

We have had a trustful business relationship with private and institutional investors for many years to not only maintain the available capital but to increase it in a safe way. It would be our pleasure to help you look for suitable open and roof areas and take over the development of the project as well as the entire project management for you. It goes without saying that SOLVATION will provide you with a reliable foundation for your decision, with the help of which you can analyse and optimize all relevant parameters.

You will benefit from our many years of experience and the full service that we provide not only for the project development but also for the entire term of your investment. And naturally, we will relieve you of the communication with all participating stakeholders.

We will ensure that your system is monitored in a professional manner and that the maintenance of the value of it is safeguarded and of course, we will also support you in safeguarding your investment by helping with your choice of purposeful insurance cover. After your investment has matured, we will take care of the reutilization and, where applicable, deconstruction of your PV system.

Market free and roof areas

Take the opportunity to improve the yields from your property in the long run and, at the same time, support the implementation of the exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy. We develop solar projects for our investors in different sizes on free or roof areas and offer you the chance of obtaining a profitable solar power system at no cost. We will take care of all matters around the planning and construction of the PV system and you will come into an attractive additional income at the lowest expenditure of time.