Exploit your market position and improve your company’s earning power by way of professional access to the renewable energy market and the possibilities associated with it. With our solutions, you will be given the "key" that will significantly alleviate your entry and gain in market shares in the private and commercial customer business sector.

SOLVATION supports you when necessary in setting up new structures and processes as well, and recruits or qualifies the necessary staff for you.

You will receive consistent support in purchasing goods, over planning and building solar power systems to TÜV reports. And with that, you decide for yourself which parts of the value added chain you integrate into your company and which work steps are to be dealt with externally. Whether your prefer a processing model where you invest as few own resources as possible or wish to present yourself as a full-service provider, SOLVATION provides you with the right support for every stage of expansion. 

And naturally, we also provide you with attractive solutions and services in questions on energy efficiency advice as well as PV financing and PV insurance.