You operate as …

  • A technical sales professional
  • An estate agent
  • A certified energy consultant
  • A trained financial consultant
  • A heating installer
  • A chimney sweep
  • An electrician
  • A carpenter

Then you can take particularly great benefit from using the SOLVATION solutions.


We offer you as a …

  • reputable sales professional attractive and fair potential earnings. At the same time, we minimize your amount of work and put you in a position to make extremely efficient use of the market of renewable energies for yourself.

  • respectable craftsman’s business support in planning solar power systems and in selling renewable energy solutions. You will receive the necessary support from us to contribute towards substantially improving your market position and earning power.


With our experts and services, it is our pleasure to assist you with the following:

  • Increased yields thanks to the PV CHECK
    Open up new target groups and make use of existing customer relations for additional business. Whether used actively or passively, this power tool works like a magnet for potential PV customers and is very easy to operate. This means you are one huge step ahead of your competitors for the moment and that enables you better yields and profits.

  • Sales support with the PV Sales Tool
    This tool shapes you up for talks with customers. The low amount of time invested, the precise calculations and the catchy presentation of the results are second to none. This conveys to your customers reliability and trust and makes it easier to hold more successful price negotiations, because performance and counter-performance are presented to the customer in a comprehensible way.

  • Optimizing planning with the PV Planning Tool
    Time is money. Draw up the system plan and the corresponding offer – instead of frequently having to spend the usual 3 to 4 hours planning the system, you can draw it up within only a few minutes. Time and cost savings of up to 80% are possible.

  • Assembly, initial operation and maintenance of PV systems
    Do you wish to participate in the forthcoming PV boom as a sales professional or tradesman and focus on the sales side of things? No problem with SOLVATION. You focus on selling and we will look after all of the upstream and downstream tasks.

  • Energy efficiency consultation
    Does your customer require professional consultation and matching guidance? For this purpose, we work with certified energy consultants across Germany and guarantee for you and your customers a professional analysis including the necessary tips for optimization. It goes without saying that our energy consultants are approved by the KfW/Bafa, meaning that the consultation with your customers is funded with up to 80%.

  • PV reports
    Whether disputes should be avoided right from the offset or whether the horse has already bolted, we are a reliable partner for you even for such cases. We provide you with experienced professionals who cannot only provide technically sound work but also bring along a high degree of social competence for dealing with your customers.

  • Help with questions of financing & insurance around solar power
    Do you have neither the time nor appreciation for these questions but regularly experience your customers addressing you on them? Why not generate an additional advantage from a time-consumer? It would be our pleasure to offer attractive solutions by way of our specialized partners. That increases customer satisfaction and your number of recommendations.

  • Marketing support
    Are you planning to redesign your market appearance and do you need a specialist with experience from the PV sector and trade? We would be glad to develop together with you and our experts creative solutions that effectively spotlight your NAME.